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Did you know...

...BotaniCandle Co. was founded by a mother-daughter duo? Hi there, it's Carly, daughter of the duo. Since I'm the brains behind our website, I can use my power to applaud my awesome mom, Stephanie, who is the brains behind BotaniCandle Co.


Here's another fun fact — did you know that a candle maker is known as a "chandler"? Well, my mom is a self-taught chandler and has been since 2014. She is also a beekeeper and gardener of pollinator-focused fruits and vegetables. Her passions taught her the importance of being kind to the environment, which sparked the idea to rebrand her former candle company to what is now BotaniCandle Co. — handmade, 100% soy candles that grow into the herb or flower of your choice.

After my mom told me about her idea, I said "let's do this". The opportunity to merge my passion for wellness and background in business was too good to pass up, but let's be real — the best part is being in business with my mom!


Our commitment to you is to continue to grow like our candles, but continue to be involved in every step of the candle-making process. This allows us to offer high-quality candles at a low cost. Thank you for supporting BotaniCandle Co. We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them!​​

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